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All About FanXchange

Our Philosophy We Deliver fantastic Experiences

FanXchange creates memorable experiences through live event tickets. It's a unique online marketplace for tickets, powered by innovative technology and the global support of loyalty programs eager to provide the Ultimate Reward™ for their members.

Our team is passionate about delivering total satisfaction for customers: a seamless shopping experience, outstanding service, and ultimately, tickets to a truly rewarding event.

Our Company Pledge


To Our Customers

FanXchange is committed to bringing you the best ticket-buying experience for all live events, around the world. We strive to deliver an online and mobile ticketing experience you won’t find anywhere else. Because we're focused on total customer satisfaction in every aspect of our business, we place the customer first; our team believes that promise, and lives it every day. For you, our customers, we're always here to listen, help, and learn.

To Our Team

We are a team, striving to win a championship!

Like the best teams, we are constantly seeking all-stars to “play” every position: the caliber of our talent defines the scale of our accomplishments. And those accomplishments don't come from the front office: they come from team members on the front lines, closest to our customers and our goals. That's why at FanXchange every voice is included in decision-making and debate, and all team members are encouraged to take risks and innovate.

We expect our team members to take initiative when they see opportunities, and collaborate with other team members to make the most of them. In our open work environment, where every individual has independent responsibilities and decisions must often be made rapidly, every team member is accountable for their actions, and rewarded for their achievements. No one just 'coasts' here.

To make that high level of performance possible, we strive to make our work environment friendly, positive and exciting. We watch out for each other, care for each other, and always go above and beyond for each other--because we're a team.


To Our Partners

Our partnerships mean a lot to us, because they're driven by our goal: working together to create amazing experiences for customers. That means we seek strong, positive, open partnerships, with a culture of honesty and a focus on the long term. By working together positively we can create value for all our customers; for our part, we promise the best innovative technology, exceptional customer service, and a relationship founded on trust.

To Our Shareholders

Our mission is to create long-term value for our shareholders, by pursuing the Ultimate Reward for our customers. We pledge to sustain outstanding performance and achieve steady growth and profitability by seeking excellence in everything we do, leading the industry with our technology platform and building loyalty with best-in-class customer experiences. This commitment to our shareholders is founded on a disciplined and transparent approach to corporate and business governance; we will always stay true to our core values and business vision, and we will always be accountable for our actions.